G old W ing R oad R iders A ssociation

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Who is Chapter M of the GWRRA?

Chapter M of the Yakima valley region is the local chapter of the GWRRA. We are part of the Washington State District, Big Sky Region "I" Which is Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Chapter M services the upper valley, lower valley, Ellensburg, and many other communities in the area.

What is the GWRRA?

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) was founded in 1977, and it is recognized as the world's largest single-marquee motorcycle association in the world. GWRRA provides safety, technical, and educational services to its Members world-wide.

What are GWRRA Values?

Friends - GWRRA Members are men and women from all walks of life with varied interests and backgrounds. We have Gold Wing and other touring motorcycle riders of all age groups. Some ride solo and many ride with small and large groups! New Members join GWRRA especially for the technical information we share; some of our Members join for the enjoyment of riding with friends and also meeting new friends. Find your future riding friends with your Region Map.

Fun - As a family organization, GWRRA has certain fun groups to include restaurant, picnic and campout runs. We also have GWRRA groups to include charities, parades, and small or large events across the country. GWRRA Members can participate in live or video seminars through Rider Education Programs.

Safety - We strive for improvement through GWRRA safety workshops. We will share technical expertise, news and tips about riding, maintenance and the best touring routes in the world. Safety is for Life on our GWRRA Rider Education Programs page.

Knowledge - While generalization about a group of individuals as large as today's GWRRA is difficult, GWRRA Members are likely to be independent thinkers, fun-loving, generous, adventuresome, cooperative and unfazed by the natural challenges of riding in the rain, temperature extremes or highway uncertainties. Many Members have completed CPR and first aid training, making them the best-prepared motorcycle riders on the world's highways! Find " CPR and First Aid Training " on our GWRRA Medic First Aid International® Programs.

Why belong to GWRRA?

There are many benefits to becoming a GWRRA Member.  As a Member you will enjoy camaraderie and fellowship while enjoying the comfort of belonging to the largest family of Gold Wing/F6B and other touring motorcycle owners.  We like to share our pleasure in the freedom of riding motorcycles with others like ourselves. Our Members strive for improvement by attending GWRRA live, video and webinar safety workshops.  We offer an emergency towing and roadside assistance program called Rescue Plus. This is a benefit that ensures peace of mind, day or night.  Among our 60,000 + skilled and dedicated Members can find the answer to almost any question regarding the Gold Wing! Your special Membership Card signifies your membership, along with many other benefits such as; discounts at touring motorcycle dealerships, designated hotels, campgrounds and travel agencies. As a Member, whenever you need help traveling, our Gold Book Directory connects you with your nearest friends, worldwide.  Our most important benefit is sharing how to safely enjoy motorcycling in more ways than you thought possible.

What is Wing Ding?

Incomparable memories at GWRRA Conventions. Once a year our Members, their friends and many other motorcycle enthusiasts gather for the largest, most prestigious, ultimate and luxury touring motorcycle extravaganza in the world, called Wing Ding. Enjoy four days of fun-filled activities that keep Members and Non-Members coming back year after year. Imagine thousands of Gold Wings and other touring motorcycles all in one place at one time! Picture yourself in the miles-long parade of Wings, waving at admirers lining the streets, browse the busy aisles with hundreds of vendors offering more chrome, lights, accessories and riding gear than you'll ever find anywhere else! You'll see talented wing riders competing for trophies and honors in skill events and precision drill team maneuvers. Participate with scheduled programs including our Free Seminars on motorcycling, touring, safety and products, while taking demo rides on the finest touring motorcycles built in the world, such as; Honda, BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati and Triumph. From festive dances and parties to quiet times and reunions with far-flung friends. Wing Ding is a spectacular event. It's thousands of motorcycle riders, phenomenal scenery, good food, marvelous riding and special memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.

More benefits to joining the GWRRA?

Gold Book - The Gold Book is our annual Service Directory that has 30,000+ Members that volunteer to help you on your next adventure should the need arise.

Wing World Magazine - steadily growing circulation exceeding 41,000+ copies directly mailed each month to our Members. Read more...at Wing World.

Wing World App - Is available on 1,400+ android devices in the Google Play store and also on the iTunes App Store for the iPad and iPhone devices.

Find-A-Friend - For every five new memberships (households) recruited from our Find-A-Friend Program, you will receive a Gift Certificate with the equivalent value of a Family Membership.

Rider Education - Our World Class Rider Educational Program has many avenues to educate both our motorcycle community and the general driving public.

GWRRA  Apparel Store - Enjoy high quality apparel and merchandise from our online store.

Membership?          Click Here!

Our new Members soon discover belonging to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association is an enormous value for a very small investment!

The quickest way to join GWRRA is through the "Click Here!" link above to our Online: membership registration. If you prefer, Call: (800) 843-9460 or (623) 581-2500 between 6:30am - 5:00pm MST. or Write: GWRRA, P.O. Box 42450, Phoenix, AZ 85080-2450. or Fax: (877) 348-9416. or Email: memberservices@gwrra.org.

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